Measure & Design

The task of refitting any room in your home can often seem daunting, but even more so with a Bathroom, as they generally have more components meaning more choice! Whether you are unsure where to start or just need a little reassurance, we are here to help!

We offer a measure and consultation service at your home or we can design from building plans. Once we have the measurements we will spend time working out what will be most practical and aesthetically pleasing for the space. We can do this with a lot of direction from you, if you have strong views on how you want it to look, or what you would like in the room. Or we can use our own expertise to come up with something we believe will work.

Ultimately you will be presented with a plan and mood board of the design. This will be accompanied by a quotation for the goods included in the plan.

Showroom Consultation


Measure and Design Service from Interiora, Newlyn